Events are about emotions.
We seek to help you create and capture those moments!



We love to work live, “in the field” where the excitement is tangible and real. The air is filled with emotions and positive attitudes, smiles and laughter. We love to help create & capture those memories of honest beauty.

We do not offer standard packages because we firmly believe that every wedding is unique, as are your wishes and hopes. Therefore custom is our standard. So if your wedding is not standard, choose unique, choose FAF!


Private Events


Planning and executing private events is nothing to be afraid of. Careful planning and coordination can turn this daunting undertaking into a night to remember. So if you are planning your private event and need help getting it off the ground, we are here for you. Creative concepts make your event stand out. Just add still photography or motion pictures and you’re off to the races. With a network of event industry partners, attention to detail and experience, we are here to help you turn your vision into reality.


corporate events


Corporate events are an unique opportunity to make your brand shine. In front of your employees, your customers, your stakeholders and partners.

How to take your event to the next level of greatness?
To keep it short, by improving your brand presence and reinforcing your brand values in a tangible & creative way. Brand messaging needs to be coherently on point. The concept and implementation, as well as the subsequent branding & marketing are key to make your event successful and the memories last. The beginning of any stand out event is the conceptual development so just get in touch with us and let’s talk about your event in the making.